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The Aim

Harrods started 2017 in need of a new careers website that could do justice to and build upon their brand and market reputation.

Their existing careers website was tricky to navigate and difficult to update; as a result, it did little to reflect the premium Harrods brand. The lack of an ATS integration meant that jobs were hosted separately to content, which resulted in a poor candidate user experience, and one which did little to enhance their digital employer brand. Social media posted from the Harrods Careers site inevitably led back to Harrods’ company website, providing job hunters with no way of finding their way to where the jobs were hosted.

Harrods therefore turned to 4MAT to build a careers website that would help enhance their digital employer brand, create a more intuitive candidate user journey and show potential job seekers what it was really like to work at the world-famous store- especially in areas like catering, which Harrods wasn’t traditionally well-known for.

The Method

To redress the problem, 4MAT worked closely with Harrods staff to create a website that was stylish, easy to use and showcased the most up to date features and functionality on the market. 4MAT undertook an in-depth design and discovery process to create a site whose look and feel reflected that of the eCommerce site, again reinforcing and strengthening Harrods’ reputation and premium brand.

Harrods wanted their new website to take a socially-led approach to recruitment, with integrated social media channels that would attract job hunters back to the website, and share content and jobs from the site: to that end, 4MAT built a social media wall, which collected jobs, content and social media posts into one easy-to-use user experience.

Effort was also made to develop Harrods’ employer brand, which its previous website had struggled to bring to life: drawing on Harrods’ staff, 4MAT curated videos, interviews and day-in-the-life blogs that detailed the life of everyday Harrods’ employees, in addition to drawing attention to more obscure job vacancies, for which Harrods had traditionally struggled to attract applications. The new website also included staff profiles for Harrods employees, allowing them to show a more personal side to working there, as well as serving as a point of contact for any job seekers whose roles they were managing.

In addition, the site was also built with the latest functionality, such as Total Job Search, which delivers jobs and content in real-time as the user types, and an integrated social wall, which displays relevant content, jobs and staff profiles, and further enhances the candidate’s user journey.

The end result is a site that builds upon the Harrods brand and reputation for excellence, delivering an experience that is in line with brand guidelines, but tailored to deliver an excellent candidate experience.

The Results

The Harrods website went live in December 2017, and since then has gone from strength to strength: the site has been praised for its design and intuitive user experience, and traffic to the platform has risen steadily, with the total traffic increasing by 15% year on year (comparing January 2017 to January 2018). Harrods’ new design has also seen it scoop an 2018 ONREC Award. Awarded for the Best Corporate Use of Online Recruitment, the award pays tribute to the website’s stylish design and excellent functionality, which will surely serve Harrods well in the competitive employer market.

Have a look at Harrods' new website here.

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