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A job spec isn’t an advert!


25th January at 3pm (GMT)


Better adverts attract better candidates by talking to them as individuals.

The fact is 99% of jobs posted on careers sites, job boards or Linkedin are in fact job specs, not job adverts.

A job ADVERT is what you need to sell the job and sell the company to get the candidate to apply! A job spec is what someone receives when they go for an interview. The two are very different things but most people don’t know the difference.

4MAT will be holding the next in our webinar series, this time on the subject on how to write the perfect job advert.

Our Account Director, David Johnston (DJ), will spend 20 minutes taking you through:
  • How to make your job stand out  
  • What the candidate needs and wants to know
  • How to sell your job
Come and join us on the FREE webinar to gain insights you can action straight away and instantly improve your talent engagement and attraction.

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