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The Aim

In early 2017, 4MAT were hired to create an entirely new website for the international recruitment agency, Primat Recruitment.

A hiring expert that works across multiple industry sectors, including rail, construction, oil & gas and pharmaceuticals, Primat wanted to expand their client and customer offering with a new, modern website that would attract higher numbers of applications, and achieve a better quality of hire.

They also wanted to be more efficient, as they were unable to self-manage their existing website, which resulted in a high cost in time and money whenever changes were required.

The Method

Following a detailed brief, 4MAT worked with Primat to create a design that better expressed their brand and would allow them to appeal to a larger number of potential candidates and clients. They wanted a site that reflected a stronger brand, something 4MAT incorporated in its DV4 platform.

The finished result is a website that includes a number of cutting-edge features and functionality that addresses the shortcomings of Primat’s previous recruitment website: a new predictive search bar makes it easy for job seekers to find content and vacancies - a far cry from Primat’s previous confusing navigation system.

Primat’s desire to create a website that would allow them to use a more content-led strategy was bolstered by 4MAT’s social hub, which makes it easier to link jobs and content together, whilst the inclusion of staff profiles gives the website a more personalised approach.

One problem that 4MAT also addressed with Primat’s new website was the website’s Google rankings and ease of use. With Primat’s jobs hosted on an ATS system, vacancies were not indexed by Google, which correspondingly affected the website’s visibility online. 4MAT’s new design produced a website that is easily searchable on Google, boosting its SEO rankings; furthermore, all jobs were shifted to the easy-to-use ATS system Broadbean.

The Results

The site has also seen some impressive statistics: a far cry from their previous drop-off rate of 75%, the new website has a 65% application rate. Similarly, the site’s visitor traffic has skyrocketed, increasing by 250% within the first two months. Furthermore, the site’s ease of application and engaging new design makes it easier than ever to attract high-quality candidates- as shown by their 8% conversion rate.

The finished product has been praised by candidates and employees alike, with Jason Rose, Primat’s Continuous Improvement and Project Lead, saying that ‘it was a real pleasure working with your team throughout the project and we’re very happy with the finished product.'

Have a look at Primat’s new website here.

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