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The Aim

In early 2017, 4MAT were appointed to build a new website for Profiles Creative, who wanted to update their current site to better reflect their brand.

In order to establish themselves as a key player in the creative recruitment market and distinguish themselves from their competitors, 4MAT’s key objective was to showcase Profiles Creative’s unique selling point: their creativity, and experience in hiring for the creative market across a range of divisions. Profiles Creative wanted their website to strengthen their brand, as well as appeal to the range of industries they cater to, from travel and the media to retail and fashion.

Aimed at engaging design agencies as well as luxury brands and companies, the site would be designed to attract both potential candidates and client companies, as well as encourage candidates to apply for positions.

The Method

As well as a redesigned style and format, the Profiles Creative website had to deliver an excellent user experience, with features that would be easy to use and which would engage and convert potential candidates.

Their new website was designed to do just this: built on 4MAT’s website platform, which offers companies a flexible approach to maintaining and changing the layout and adding to the content of their websites, 4MAT created a website design that strengthened Profiles Creative’s brand and showcased their pedigree in the creative industry.

To improve the candidate user experience, 4MAT built a website that was easy to use, maintain and navigate, including features like a predictive search bar, which delivers jobs and content suggestions as the candidate types their query. 4MAT also created a design that integrated the company’s consultant profiles with jobs and content, making it easier for job hunters to get in touch with the person managing their job. This was included to engage candidates- particularly passive candidates, who are more likely to get in touch with consultants rather than apply for a job.

4MAT also ensured that the site was optimised for SEO performance, including a blog section where fresh content can be added, and structuring the Profiles Creative website so that it is easily searchable on Google.

The Results

The new website has been as success, earning Profiles Creative a nomination for the Recruiter Investing Talent Awards this year- as well nominations for a staggering seven MADRAs. The amount of organic traffic to the site has also increased by 13%, whilst the conversion rate has doubled.

 Feedback from the team has also been exceptionally warm, with Jennifer Kinnear, Profiles Creative’s CEO, saying that "I’m totally delighted with our new website: you’ll shortly see me singing from the rooftops about it! We’re super happy with the end result."

Have a look at Profiles Creative’s new website here.

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