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Digital Recruitment Marketing

4MAT provide a full-suite of dedicated recruitment marketing services designed to help you attract the best candidates, acquire new clients and dominate your vertical market.

Stellar SEO

After an initial consultation, we research just how your candidates interact when searching for jobs or relevant content. We will then plan how your keyword strategy will translate into job adverts, specifications and supporting content.

By targeting exact locations to maximise relevancy, your SEO will lay a solid foundation for supporting content and advertising campaigns to extend your competitive advantage. We can consult on, advise or fully manage your SEO strategy – our service scales to your budget.

Compelling content

Content is king and is a crucial feature of any marketing strategy. Working in tandem with the SEO team, our specialist recruitment content marketing team deliver the content you need to make a perceptible difference.

The difference between a good job advert and a bad one is clear: a quality application. Leaving consultants to copy-paste the same text into every advert is not only unengaging – it’s a duplicate content fail. We offer accessible copywriting workshops that will enhance your recruiters’ skillset and increase conversion rates.

Intelligent advertising

Using a mix of methodologies—from programmatic to display network advertising—we help clients source quality candidates, CVs and applications, while retargeting existing candidates to reengage and generate new value.

4MAT also deploy Indeed and Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to tap into the active candidate market. We optimise campaigns daily and undertake extensive geo-targeting and keyword research in order to maximise performance and relevancy.

Complete conversion rate optimisation

Designing a website is not a one-off job. After a website is launched, we will continue to assess its performance through heat-mapping and conversion funnels. We will identify any possible incremental improvements to ensure your candidates can convert quicker and easier than ever before.

Strategic social media

Consultants have taken to LinkedIn in a big way. While social media remains a significant source of candidates, does it increase your brand reputation significantly? Candidates interacting with your recruitment company on social media necessitates a well-branded, consistent and authoritative proposition. 4MAT provides an array of social media services from consultations to branding projects, providing you with the necessary toolset to excel in a largely unfamiliar sector.

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