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Our Recruitment Platform

4MAT is a full-service marketing agency. Since 1999, we have been providing clients with the tools required to excel and advance in their respective sectors. We design stunning, multi-award winning websites that are built on the industry’s gold-standard recruitment platform: DV4.

Introducing DV4

Our DV4 platform creates natural harmony between recruitment teams and recruitment marketing. Offering full and seamless integration with multi-posting and CV parsing services, as well as your CRM, we maximise recruitment companies’ efficiencies and minimise duplication of work.

Adding content is a doddle, while all vacancies are fully indexed by Google and automatically optimised for SEO, allowing your consultants to do what they do best – recruit.

Digital intelligence

By learning visitor preferences (without the need to register), our websites deliver personalised content to maximise attraction, engagement and conversions. We offer full candidate tracking from source to conversion, identifying precisely what content they have engaged with and how they navigate onto and through the site. Using this knowledge, we provide unrivalled insight into information and content attracts the best candidates.

Creative brilliance

We blend science with art to absorb your brief, apply our extensive knowledge and experience, and convert it into a meaningful website, branding project or campaign. The end product will place you head and shoulders above competitors, as the sheer number of client awards we’ve won will testify.

Smarter attraction

Our deep-rooted understanding of the digital recruitment sector, honed for over 15 years, has given us a unique perspective on what success looks like. By undertaking a consultative partnership with our clients, we truly identify needs, goals and solutions in the short, medium and long-term. It’s only then can your candidate attraction strategy be devised and delivered with conviction.

Our clients

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