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Profiles Creative

Written on 03 Oct 17
Profiles Creative
Jennifer Kinnear of Profiles Creative:

'Just wanted to send you a quick message to say a massive thanks to your team, particularly Dave and Tom (possibly the most patient man in the world) for helping get the website live this week. I'm really happy with it and I know that Jen is as well, very glad we chose you guys in the end. Tom in particular has been answering my emails at 6am and 10pm all week, and without him going the extra mile we would never have got it live before I went on maternity leave.' 

Jenny Potter

'I’m totally delighted with our new website – there are a few bits and pieces we are tweaking (totally to be expected) but you’ll shortly see me singing from the rooftops about it! Special mention to Dave for keeping us on track but also Tom who has been an absolute rock star helping us get it live. Really pleased we chose to go with you guys and super happy with the end result.'

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