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Creating a marketing and digital strategy that works for you

Written by Adrian Farthing on 07 Jun 18
Creating a marketing and digital strategy that works for you

What does your marketing strategy currently look like? 

86% of recruitment professionals agree that recruitment is becoming more like marketing: the key to attracting good candidates is by drawing them in with a savvy marketing strategy, relevant content and a good user experience. In today’s competitive recruitment market, having great jobs doesn’t matter: the key to high application rates lies in marketing those jobs to talented candidates, and engaging them. 

With marketing becoming a vital part of any recruiter’s arsenal, it’s important that you know how to create and execute a great recruitment marketing plan if you want to stand out from your competitors.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered in the form of our latest webinar. Hosted in partnership with APSCo, our recruitment marketing experts will be sharing their insights on what makes a great marketing strategy.
It covers:

- Building a marketing strategy
- What can we learn from the past 12 months?
- Planning and measuring marketing for the next 12 months
- What digital opportunities are there in the next 12 months?
- Raising the profile of marketing in your business

Watch it here, or on our Youtube channel:

Has our talk of Digital Marketing whetted your appetite?

Get in touch with our Sales Team for more information.

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