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How to build the business case for careers website investment


Tuesday 21st February 2017 2pm (GMT)


Your careers site is the most important weapon in your armoury when attracting and engaging talent. One of the biggest challenges facing most resourcing professionals when considering an update of their careers platform is making the business case to justify the investment

This webinar will give you the insights you need on how to best build the internal business case.

Join 4MAT and HR and recruitment marketing expert Matt Alder who will be covering areas such as:
  • How Career Sites have changed and why having an effective one is so important
  • Key building blocks of the business case
  • Predicting and measuring return on investment
  • The importance of building consensus to drive a collaborative approach to a Career Site project
  • What does good look like with case studies and examples
Come and join us for this free webinar that will help you drive your hiring strategy forward.

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